What Are The Best Lead Magnets?

If you are building an email list then you will want something to encourage people to join, and the best option is to have a lead magnet.

But what are the best lead magnets?

When you are getting started with any form of email marketing you may be struggling to build your list, and often that is because people are not seeing value in joining your list.

The most effective way to build a list is to make sure that you can give away something for free.

We call this give-away a lead magnet.

You need to make sure that your

Some Of The Best Lead Magnets

You will see online that people give away all sorts of things as lead magnets, and some of them are good and some not so good.

If possible you want to create your own lead magnets so they are unique, but sometimes you may get the ideas from others that you have seen or from websites that you have found useful.

Some of the best lead magnets are;

  1. e-books
  2. checklists
  3. resource guides

The problem is most people struggle to create these, and therefore don’t bother.

But you should make the effort as the best lead magnets get the most opt-in’s to your list, and with internet marketing we know how important it is to have a good list.

Invest In Beacon … It’s What I Use

I had been trying to write e-books for a long time and found that the software that was available was rubbish, and I had tried quite a few different options.

Then I found Beacon and it has proven to be exactly what I was looking for.

Some of the key features that I like are;

  1. The templates available make creating e-books, checklists and resource guides so easy!
  2. You can source (copy) content from webpages or uploads at the touch of a button, and it includes the graphics
  3. The templates have a simple step-through process and auto-save
  4. Once completed you can download as a pdf or use the built in opt-in forms and

It’s a great system and it allows you to easily create and promote your e-books, checklists and resource guides.

You can also replicate and then change these to suit where you are promoting them, therefore creating a library of lead magnets for your business.

You can start with the Beginner Plan which is the free plan; however I upgraded to the Professional Plan at the low cost of $49 per month.

I think once you have experienced what this software does you will be amazed how cheap this is.

Use the link below and access the FREE Beginner Plan to see just how easy this is.