Kiwi’s Make Money On Trade Me & Amazon

There are a lot of Kiwis that make money on Trade Me selling odd things that they no longer required, but there are now quite a few people that use marketplaces like Trade Me as a way to make regular money as a side hustle or in some cases as their main source of income.

Having an extra source of income is great, especially if it is doing something that is not too hard, does not involve anything that needs a lot of training and does not require a large investment like you would need to buy a business.

Most Kiwis have a Trade Me account and have either purchased or sold items on it. It’s not too difficult to manage purchases or sales but that does not mean people know how to make money on Trade Me.

Let’s look at how they make money, and therefore how you can make money too.

About Trade Me & The Opportunity

Trade Me is New Zealand’s largest online auction and classifieds website and they claim to have about 5 million active members and an average of 690,000 people visit the site each day.

While it is small when compared to eBay, Trade Me is still a great place for Kiwis to buy and sell products.

If you are a seller on Trade Me then you know that there are people visiting and seeing your product each day and while there is a cost to selling on the site it is easier to sell on Trade Me than selling on your own website.

If you set up your own website then you need to get people to visit it and that generally means a lot of work to promote it and a cost to advertise too. Over the long term having your own website can be a good thing, but they take a long time to build a reputation and to start getting enough visitors (traffic) to let you earn enough.

When selling on Trade Me you need to consider a few things;

  1. Your product needs to be popular, but not have too much competition.
  2. You need to be able to sell at a competitive price, but that doesn’t mean that you always need to be the cheapest.
  3. You need to know where to source the products so you always have something to sell.

If you want to start a side hustle and make money on Trade Me then you need to get started somewhere. You could source your own products to sell, but when starting out many people will look at accessing wholesale products to list and resell at a profit.

Sourcing Products To Resell

New Zealand company Snipesoft operates a number of products to help Trade Me sellers and also has an online platform for accessing wholesale products that you can sell on Trade Me. They have automated listing systems with both a free version and a more complex paid system, but they also have a platform where you can source and list products.

This wholesale system is called Easywholesale and the benefit is you can access products for dropshipping; meaning that you can list the products without purchasing them, then when you make a sale you purchase the products and they get shipped directly to your buyer.

You can bank the product without every having to handle the products, and more importantly without having to invest money in inventory.

There is a huge range of products available from low cost to higher cost items.

Here is a snapshot of some sales that I have personally made in the last week;

Kiwi's Make Money On Trade Me

You will see that the total profit is $191.25 which is about $10,000 a year. This is very much a side hustle and I have less than 20 products listed on Trade Me at the moment.

How Much Do You Want To Earn?

It seems like a weird question, but it’s not hard to earn money selling on Trade Me.

When you first start selling to make money on Trade Me you are allowed to list 50 products, and over time as your sales increase so does your limit. Over time if you really want to get serious you may want to get your own Store on Trade Me.

The key is to make sure that the products that you list are easy to manage as reputation is important so you want to maintain good feedback. Of course the other thing that you need to make sure that you sell enough and are making profitable sales.

Accessing products via a wholesaler is the easiest way to get started, but if you are prepared to invest in purchasing bulk products then you will often be able to sell for an increased profit.

The Opportunity With Amazon

Amazon is a huge online marketplace that operates around the world.

It also offers the opportunity to sell products, but for this you need to invest in the products, have them shipped to Amazon who then manage the distribution, and then you need to focus on the selling.

It’s a bigger opportunity than selling on Trade Me but it does require a large investment and whenever you are purchasing inventory there is also a risk that your products may not sell for the price that you planned.

They call this Amazon FBA and the “FBA” stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon” which means that Amazon will manage the storage and distribution (fulfilment) of your products.

This book here has probably been written by someone and listed on Amazon using FBA too. If you were to click on the link and buy this book on How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners then Amazon will most likely ship the book to you and the selling will receive the payment less any fees.

If you have the right products and can get the listing showing up near the top of the first search page then you can start making some serious money using Amazon. Many sellers will advertise to get sales too, but you need to be aware of the cost to advertise.

This form of selling on Amazon is basically hands free once you have the product delivered and listed.

Kiwi’s Can Make Money On Trade Me & Amazon

You do not need to be some marketing guru to make money on Trade Me or on Amazon.

There are plenty of ordinary people that use these marketplaces to operate their side hustle.

You are helping provide real products for real people, and you can make a really good income from doing your part.