It Is Easy To Make Money On Trade Me

It makes sense to have a side hustle to make some extra money, and it’s easy to make money on Trade Me which makes it an ideal place to start.

After the last couple of years with COVID everyone is nervous about the 9-5 job and people are also getting used to buying online.

Platforms like Trade Me are booming!

In fact there are plenty of retailers that have jumped online out of necessity, but for them to sell online they have to spend a lot to advertise their website and get people to visit their online shops.

On the other hand, they say an average of 690,000 people visit the Trade Me site each day.

This makes selling on Trade Me an easy place to start an online business.

Why It’s Easy To Make Money On Trade Me

The reason that we suggest that Trade Me is a good place to start an online business is because they have a lot of people visiting the website each day, but here are some things that you need to understand too.

The Pro’s

  1. Of course the biggest benefit with Trade Me is the number of people that visit the site each day.
  2. The people that visit the site are buyers too – they are there looking for products that they want to buy.
  3. You can list on Trade Me for free, but you can also upgrade your listings for a cost.

The Con’s

  1. There is a cost for selling on Trade Me and that impacts how much you make
  2. Other people are selling on Trade Me and may have better prices
  3. You have to have products to sell, and where can you source them?
  4. You can get banned from Trade Me … shouldn’t, but can.

When you consider selling any products online you need to (a) have a product and then (b) get people to view your product. Trade Me has a lot of people visiting the site each day and that makes it easy to get people to view your products.

They you need to find the right products to sell.

What Can You Sell On Trade Me?

Trade Me is a marketplace with a diverse range of products so you are not limited by what you can sell.

As with any business it is always good to be promoting and selling something that you really believe in, or having a range of products that are related to a passion that you may have.

Some people will sell a range of unrelated things and may do fine, but we still believe that it’s good to have a theme.

You might have a hobby, a passion or a sport that you love. It makes it easier to show your enthusiasm and to answer the questions etc if you have a genuine interest in what you are selling.

You also do not need to have a huge range of products.

How Much Do You Want To Make?

It’s always good to have a goal for what you want to make from selling online and that includes both what you can make on Trade Me but also you may want to have your own online store as well.

But lets look at how to make money on Trade Me first.

This is some stats that I have for products sold this month;

lets make money on trade me

In these there are four products and the top line had 3 x sales with all others having 2 x sales on each product. As you can see that by just having 9 x sales here there was a profit of $456.90

If you were to just do this each week then you would be making almost $25,000 per year.

For many people that’s going to be a great side hustle and an easy way to make money on Trade Me alone.

Where Can You Get Products To Sell?

One of the biggest hurdles for most people is finding products to sell.

Especially when you are starting out you may not know what products to source or have the money to invest in buying products. That is natural, and it shouldn’t put you off.

When you are starting off with your Trade Me business you are probably best to set up an arrangement with a wholesalers whom you can purchase your products from.

The best news is there is a wholesaler that you can link with through software to list what products they have available, and then purchase from the wholesaler after you have already made the sale. You can see exactly how much you will make when you are listing the products for sale – setting your sale price with a margin to cover the purchase, the Trade Me fees, shipping and of course your profit.

The other advantage is the product gets shipped directly from the wholesaler to the buyer so you never even have to handle the product.

What About A Website

You do not need your own website, but we believe it is a good idea to have one.

When you set up an online business selling products you can and should take advantage of marketplace websites like Trade Me, but it’s always good to have your own website too.

Having your own website gives you more control, means you can sell without having to always pay the Trade Me fees and most importantly it gives you a tangible asset that you can sell.

An online store that is selling $25,000 a year will be worth money should you want to sell it, but it also gives you the opportunity to build a bigger online business.

If you set up the website with the right software and being linked to a wholesalers then you can scale the business quite easily.

The way that we set up these websites you get the complete management software that;

  1. Provides access to wholesale products
  2. Lists the products on Trade Me and your own website with a few clicks
  3. Manages the stock levels, sales and shipping with very little input needed
  4. Allows marketing including discounts and vouchers for your own website and a database for marketing
  5. Links to a blog for product reviews

As your Side Hustle Success Partner we show you how to set everything up for success.

We want to see you make money on Trade Me, but also then create an online shop and make it a successful business.

The good news is it’s not hard and not expensive, and in fact you can start with no money and build the online shop later once you have made enough money to pay for it.