Get The Right Tools

If you want to start any business, and especially online then you need to make sure that you have the right tools.

There are literally thousands of things that you may see and think that they are good ideas, and I have purchased and tried many over the years.

Now I have become more knowledgable and therefore selective on what I use.

So this is where I share some of the tools that I use, and tools that I believe are right tools for you.

Website & Email

Everyone that has a business or wants to promote themselves or products should have a website. It does not have to be an expensive website and can be a simple one like I have used here.

The key is to get a website domain name, have the website hosted, get a website building tool (I use the free WordPress) and have an email address.

For this I have used Namecheap for over 10-years now as they can offer an all in one package, they are reliable, have the support and as the name suggests they are cheap.

Create your Web Presence

A website is your online base to everything that you do.

Some people believe that having a website is all that is needed … that people will come.

Having a website is like building the foundations of a house … it’s a good start but then the building begins.

The Ultimate Online Marketing Tool

They say that “the money is in the list” but for a long time I struggled with the concept of building a list.

I tried all sorts of ideas and tools and really just went around in circles.

If you start looking around there are some cheap online marketing tools that may do part of what is needed, and some very complex and expensive tools that do way more than anyone settling up a side hustle could ever need.

I have ended up with a system called Get Response that handles my marketing automation.

What does an online marketing tool need to do for you?

Grow Your Audience & List – find new customers and build your email list with lead generation tools that turn anonymous connections into loyal fans.

Engage & Communicate – stay in touch with your customers and potential clients with automated and targeted online communication that works.

Promote Yourself – with automation you can build a following, engage them with your content, and turn your expertise into a profitable business.

Boost Online Sales – you can set up automations to market your ecommerce business and deliver experiences that convert visitors into returning customers.

GetResponse Pro

Linked to your website, Get Response can be set up to automatically to find new customers 24/7 to add to your list and then market to them over time so they become loyal and profitable customers.

Find Affiliate Products To Promote

There are plenty of places online to find affiliate products to promote.

Some of the most well known are Amazon for physical products and Clickbank for digital products, and while I have affiliate accounts with both o these one of my favorites is JVZoo.

Of course they have some great digital products, they pay affiliates well but JVZoo also integrates with GetResponse which makes it easy to set up products and funnels at the click of a button.

When you are starting in affiliate marketing you want to keep things as easy as possible.

One of advantages of JVZoo is that a lot of the products have been designed for marketing with GetResponse and have premade sales funnels that can be downloaded straight from JVZoo to your GetResponse system at the click of a button.

For anyone that is new to affiliate marketing this saves you a lot of time as the funnels are already created and we know that they work.

When looking for products I look for products that have recorded a good number of sales (unless they are very new to market), have an earnings per click (EPC) of over $5.00 which allows you to spend money on marketing, and I prefer products that have a monthly subscription as the rebilling creates a passive income.

Not all products will fit this criteria and like some of the products listed here they are just very good products that I am happy to recommend regardless of the compensation plan.

You Will Need Sales Funnels

As mentioned some of the products that you wish to promote will come from JVZoo and they come with pre-made funnels that can be downloaded straight into GetResponse for you to use. But many other products have no funnels and you therefore need to create your own.

Remembering that on average research shows that 60% of people will say “No” 4 x before they commit to buying. Having a good sales funnel is extremely important to ensure that you do not lose that 60% of people and overtime can nurture them so they do make purchases. They say if you send more emails, you’ve got a 25% better chance to get someone to take action!

FunnelMates is the answer to this.

Get People On Your List

Many people will start with trying to create a list, but you need to create a lead magnet first, have an online marketing tool like GetResponse to manage your prospects and then know what you are going to be offering them.

What is your lead magnet?

What can you offer to give people to encourage them to sign up to your list?

You have the system all set to go now, so it’s time to get people to sign up to your list and start buying your products.

The easiest way to get started is to buy a lead magnet, or you could replicate what I use … I have a pdf handout called Your Online Business Planner which steps people through the plan that I have used to build my online affiliate marketing business, including the tools that are mentioned here.

Your Online Business Planner

If you have not already seen this report then you should get a free copy today.

It is what I use as a lead magnet and it’s a great tool to use to help build my list, and I am willing to give this to you to use as well.

When I created the report “Your Online Business Planner” you will see that it is similar to what we recommend in this page and that’s because this is the blueprint that works. You will also notice that on many of the recommended products there are affiliate links and these are my own links; therefore it is how I get paid.

The two main affiliate products that I have integrated into the system are GetResponse and Funnel Mates and they pay me as follows;

GetResponse: has a 30-day free trial but when that expires there is a recurring commission of approx $16 a month on the Plus plan. This continues for as long as the purchaser remains a customer which can be a very long time, plus as the list size grows over time so does the commission.

Funnel Mates: pays $1.00 (100%) when someone signs up to the trial and then a recurring commission of $27 a month; however we would expect most customers to upgrade from the basic plan.

As you can see with these two affiliate products alone I will make recurring commissions of about $43 a month so even if just 25 people take up the offer then I will be earning over $1,000 a month. If I continue to promote this then my passive income (recurring commissions) will continue to grow and give me the comfort of knowing that I have created another income stream.

What I can offer to you is a copy of my report “Your Online Business Planner” which you can use as your own lead magnet. You will be able to insert your own affiliate links replacing mine and use this to build your own report and of course your own recurring commissions.

All that I ask is that you have started your free trial with GetResponse.

Use the link on the right to request your copy of the report. It will be provided in a Google Doc with instructions so you can download it and change the highlighted affiliate links to your own.

Get a free account with Beacon and you can customize it even more to really make it your own professional lead magnet, or start from scratch and make your own compelling offer.

Once you have your lead magnet you will be ready to start promoting it and building your list.

This is when the fun starts!

You need to create your messages and get people to sign up to your list, and of course purchase your products.

Manage Your Social Media Like A Pro

Most affiliate marketers will take advantage of social media to get leads and this includes both self-generated promotions and paid advertising.

When you are starting out you will want to focus on the free marketing opportunities.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of social media “advice” out there, especially when you’re trying to be everywhere at once. To get the best results, it’s important that you plan ahead rather than go for the good old scattergun approach

Sendible is what I use to manage all of my social media platforms, as I can do them all on this one online management system and I can schedule my posts in advance and the system even optimizes the best time to post.

It literally saves hours each week and means that I can set up all of my posts at a time that suits me. I tend to look at least a month ahead and set up a range of posts including around any special days and any focused products or releases.

Manage Your Paid Marketing Too

One of the advantages of our recommended online management system Get Response is that it has a built in module that manages paid marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google from within the system.

It creates the promo  automatically

Just add your products photos, names, and prices, and the system automatically create different sets of branded promotional videos, banners, and slideshows.

Choose the ones you like, edit if needed, and share them with your targeted audience.